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    Joy 365 Devotional $24.99

    This book features 365 Inspirational Writers whose desires is to inspire and give strategies and tips to restore Joy! Go ahead and order your copy today!

    Purchases will come with a free gift as well as an autographed copy of my first book!

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    Choose Joy Affirmations $24.99

    This Affirmations Book is combined of 365 talented authors in which each day provides a unique perspective on finding joy, purpose and positivity.

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    Joy Combo $50

    You will receive both of the Joy books autographed as well as a free gift!

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    My Hidden Strength $25

    The Journey Through a Servant's Realization of Self-Significance' I give a transparent account of life before and after the near life accident that opened
    my understanding that I, too, am important and significant, although born to serve. Pictures of the totaled out truck included.

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    Tidbits of Wisdom $39.99

    Mine is Allocation ll.....these pages contain daily devotions and affirmations, scriptures and excerpts of Biblical characters who were challenged with life
    situations, but God helped them to come through

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    Life After... $30

    Healing is Attainable for You! Is a tell-All transparent of 20 plus authors telling their true-life harrowing experiences. My chapter dealt with being in leadership, at the church that I presently pastor, and having a miscarriage during the Morning Worship while wearing white......

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    The Chain Breaking Exp. $25

    The Statistics Beyond Probability' takes the reader through the incidents that Beverly encountered which should have ended in death, BUT GOD....

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    Radiant Achievers $25

    Within these pages lie a mosaic of stories, each reflecting the radiant spirit of individuals who have transcended barriers and made remarkable strides in both the business world and their communities. From seasoned entrepreneurs to grassroots leaders, these contributors share their wisdom, experiences, and strategies for success.

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    The Chainbreaking Experience Magazine $15

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    Very informative and engaging! Tons of experience and opinions that I didn't know before. I’ll be looking at this author's other books.

    T. Jones

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    About the Author

    Pastor Beverly J. Renford was born the 7th of 15 children to the late Bishop Samuel I. & Elect Lady Priscilla M. Rumph, on August 11th, 1958, in Detroit, Michigan. At age five, God impressed it upon her heart and began to call her while teaching her his voice. She was soon baptized, in Jesus’ name, and at the age of eleven, received the gift of tongues. For many years she assisted her parents in ministry. She says, “Momma and Daddy introduced me to their God, but I took it further, and now He is my God.”
    On August 22, 1981, she married Mark, and to this union, eight children were born: Brooke, Bridgette, Rachel, Nicole, Benjamin, Courtney, Anastasia, and Markaysia. To date, she has seven grandchildren: Shiloh and Sage, Brayden, and Bryan, along with Preston, Penelope, and Priya.
    In 2022, she started a non-profit, Greater Bethlehem International Ministries, which focuses on providing global humanitarian services toward the development, empowerment, and transformation of men, women, boys, and girls as they make advancements in evolving: Mind, Body, and Soul.
    As of July 2022-Present, she is a student at Northcentral University earning a Doctor of Education Specialization: Organizational Leadership Degree.

    As an entrepreneur, a teacher, and a preacher, she invests in families, feeds the hungry, serves in the local soup kitchens, and is an avid presence in Clergy on Patrol; a citywide initiative that allows residents to observe ministers and the local police, walking and talking with them, in their neighborhood.